Using the design provided, it was my responsibility to develop the new look for Lycos Mail. While I was developing the FrontEnd interfaces another engineer was busy updating Mail’s backend from Yii to Yii2 framework.

Extendable Login Screen

At the start of the project we weren’t sure how many ‘views’ there would be floating around on the homepage or if we would need to make new views down the line to display additional information. Because of this I wrote the javascript

Lycos Mail

Client-Side Error Handling

In order to reduce the load on the server and prevent against rudimentary malicious attacks I took advantage of both HTML5 form elements and spent some time writing a few Javascript validators.

Lycos Mail - Error Handling


WhoWhere is a Local Search tool using the Yellow Pages API, the Yii2 Framework and Leaflet.js. Search results can be viewed in list format or on the full page map.

Working together with the creative director, we were able to completely overhaul the visual appearance and functionality of a legacy product. Starting with the original code, ported to Yii2, my responsibility was to refactor all front end code, achieve the desired design and implement leaflet.


The original site had used Google Maps, however due to API limitations we decided to transition over to Leaflet.


WhoWhere is currently awaiting Q.A review and the new production environment before it can be pushed live.

News Verticals

This project takes advantage of one core code base, collection of common styles and grunt config to create seven different verticals. Each site uses the same exact HTML structure, using only CSS to create visual differentiation.