Hello & Welcome to my professional portfolio & website. My name is Griffen Fargo, a Full-Stack Developer and #GameDesign Alumni from @ChamplainCollege with a passion for #InteractiveMedia & Positive ∆.

In addition to my full time position at Lycos Media, I often engage in freelance work on the side. My clients range from Non-Profits to private equity firms and music recording studios. Please check out my digital portfolio for examples of my more recent freelance work.

I strive to utilize technology to help others.  Whether I am working with a small startup or a large company, my goal is to create something that I have both learned from that efficiently solves the problem at hand. In order to achieve this, I work closely with my co-workers and each of my clients in order to custom craft each site to successfully reach their defined target market. I accomplish this through the use of captivating responsive designs and various optimization paths such as leveraging the GPU, minimizing dom repaints, following progressive enhancement principles, namespacing javascript, and curating content specific to the user’s device.

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