Grunt’d was created to be a flexible Grunt configuration that I could easily ‘Drag & Drop’ into a new project and begin writing code immediately. Within the first few weeks of working at Lycos I had a basic implementation which could be seamlessly dropped into static html sites as well as Yii2 projects.

Grunt'd - Basic


The main configuration after dragging Grunt’d into a project is to update project.js to contain appropriate links to each resource.

module.exports = {
    paths: {
        webroot: 'app/web',
        sass: 'app/lygo/static/<%= %>/scss',
        css: 'app/lygo/static/<%= %>/css',
        js: 'app/lygo/static/<%= %>/js',
        '/*!n' +
        ' * <%= %>n' +
        ' * <%= pkg.description %>n' +
        ' * <%= pkg.title %>n' +
        ' * <%= pkg.url %>n' +
        ' * @author <%= %>n' +
        ' * @version <%= pkg.version %>n' +
        ' */nnn',

Starter Files

After going back and forth I decided to roll up a few skeleton starter files for both SCSS and Javascript. The main.js was originally taken from the Roots project.

Grunt - Build