DevDash is a custom dashboard created for Varying Vagrant Vagrants, which is an open source Vagrant configuration focused on WordPress development.

This project was originally forked from TopDown’s Custom Dashboard in October as an exercise in GUI development and it slowly turned into a fun side project which I personally use for all of my local WordPress development. I have since rewritten and modularized a majority, if not all, of the functional code which runs the dashboard to gain a deeper understanding of MVC architectures.


An abbreviated list of current functionality. Under the hood there are some fun things going on like site caching, leveraging composer, shell install script, and namespaced javascript to name a few. The guiding principle for the backend was to break apart complex functionality into small understandable classes.

WP_Content Git Integration

Because I keep my WP_Content folder under version control, I wanted a way to be able to quickly check to see a brief commit log, the current branch, and potentially run commands on the repo down the line.

DevDash - Git Panel

Debug Panel

Basic debug panel which displays the current status of WP_Debug, button to activate XDebug and also a link to XDebug’s ‘profiler view’.

DevDash - Debug Panel

Live Fuzzy Search

Javascript provides a fuzzy live search to help filter different WordPress installs.

DevDash - FuzzySearch

iFrame (Accessible) VVV Plugins

VVV offers a collection of tools ranging from Opcache Status to phpInfo, all services that allow for use within an iFrame are asynchronously loaded into the main dashboard content area to enhance the ‘all in one’ dashboard experience.

Other Helpers

There are multiple popover helpers that provide additional information on an existing installation, whether its uninstallation help or checking what subdomains are currently active on a MU installation. I hope to enhance both of these popovers to allow the user to preform specific actions, instead of being strictly informational.