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Web Dev Podcasts – Javascript

Whether it is commuting to work or relaxing on the weekend I am constantly plugged into listening to industry updates, stories from night vale, or the ever-relaxing voice of Roman Mars. When I was first breaking into the podcast scene it was difficult for me to identify shows that were both digestible and relevant.

After poking around for a few years, I feel like its time for my to share my favorite podcasts for Javascript Development.

Javascript Jabber




The Crater Podcast




Ben & Ahbi Show


Web Security Warriors


React Native Radio


Meteor Strike


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Remove Bulk Spam Comments from WordPress Export

Recently I was responsible for migrating a WordPress site from a 3rd party hosting service to my personal LEMP stack.  The issue with this migration was that there were around 17,000 comments sitting untouched in the comments section creating an excessive amount of bloat in the .XML export, ~51mbs to be precise.

Thankfully I found this handy post from Neil R suggesting SED as a possible solution.  After modifying his solution slightly for OSX, It now removes all comments from the WordPress export via a single command in Terminal.

Shell Command

$ sed '/<wp:comment>/,/<\/wp:comment>/d' export.xml > export.clean.xml

This will go through export.xml removing each instance of <wp:comment></wp:comment> it comes across. Afterwards then saves the output in export.clean.xml.

This post assumes that the user is aware of how to use Mac Terminal to navigate between folders and edit specific files.

Additional Links on SED

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echo ‘Hello’;

Hello World! I can’t even count how many times I’ve designed, setup and published a personal portfolio at this point, but this version is different.  In the past I’ve created sites to showcase my game design skill set as well as my interactive media interests, however none have come together as beautifully as

This portfolio is simplistic both in the front and back-end.  Hosted on my personal LEMP Stack, I worked on refining page optimization, UIX, and responsive fallbacks for all devices more than any of my previous portfolios.  This site will also serve as my showcase for all Front-End / UIX work I do in the future.

Going forward I look forward to posting the triumphs of my Front & Back-End trials for others to learn and comment on.  Topics I work on include WordPress, Node.js, Bootstrap & Zurb Foundations Frameworks as well as Javascript, PHP and various CSS3 tricks, tips, and rules of thumb.